Factory CRM


We developed an app that allows the factory of elite suits to keep a record of customers and save their data to determine the right measurements for sewing


Companies that face individual customer orders for customers know how difficult it is to keep track of their wishes and features. They needed a handy tool that allowed them to spend less resources to save important information.


The purpose of creating an app for customer accounting is to tailor it to individual business features. It was going to be the first app of its kind.


This app knows what you need for your customer

Customer history

Now we can view the history of customers in just one click. You can see what orders they made earlier, what preferences they have. Having this information, you can offer the necessary services and do not ask unnecessary questions, thus saving time.

Customer features

In addition to customer preferences, you also get rid of the need to take measurements with each order or constantly ask about it. The app allows you to make measurements in a convenient format and save them for the following orders.

Convenient order method

The client makes a detailed order without having to ask many questions to the operator. He can choose the type of costume, fabrics, buttons, threads, etc.


The company increased sales through the app, and also increased customer satisfaction and trust. And...

95% less mistakes

50% faster client management

70% increased retention

The app copes with its main task — improving the quality of service of the factory and increasing customer satisfaction.

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