Flight Compensation


This app allows you to receive compensation for a flight cancellation, track information about flights and book flights.


Those who fly often know how annoying when your flight is canceled for various reasons. The quietest passengers are those who will necessarily receive their compensation for lost time and money. But usually it takes a lot of time and effort to get your money back.


The main goal was to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly navigate through the pages and find the information you need when you find out that your flight is canceled. In the course of the analysis, we found out which functions are necessary for users of air app and implemented them in the project.


Save your time and keep calm

Organizer for your flights

The app allows not only to receive compensation for the cancellation of the flight, it is also your assistant on the way from booking the ticket to boarding the flight. Here you can fully track your flight; book a ticket, choose an airline and even your seat on the plane, find out the status of the flight, etc.

Possibilities of app

No more problems with airlines

Book tickets in 2 clicks - All information about you for registration already exists in your profile

The application will remind you of the flight at a convenient time for you - No more tardiness

Shows tips on the flight and the airport - Choose places and other functions to make your flight comfortable

Track your flight history - How many miles you flew, what airlines you were satisfied with and much more



5k (DAU)

30k (MAU)

ARPU: 60$

LTV: 70$



More than 30 thousand users have already tried the application and were satisfied.

The app successfully integrates with the airlines’ websites and allows booking tickets in two clicks. The project was appreciated by many users and media that deal with frequent travel.

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