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Our company provides services of mobile application development for FinTech for different purposes and operations.

Mobile banking applications

Provide your clients with the possibility to access their accounts and manage them via a convenient mobile solution. Ensure proper execution of different transactions that will take place within your financial ecosystem with the help of our robust solutions.

Insurance applications

Our specialists use advanced technologies to build mobile applications that will help insurers’ clients access complete information about insurance services, their benefits, risks, and terms.

Accounting software

Our FinTech app consulting includes the development and improvement of accounting software solutions. We use robust tools that ensure proper management of all financial records of your organization.

Digital and crypto wallets

Many clients look for decentralized payment and storage means – provide them with such a possibility by launching a digital or crypto wallet. We offer our expertise in blockchain technologies that guarantee complete safety and anonymity of transactions between crypto wallets and other addresses.

Personal finance management applications

We create mobile solutions that help individuals monitor their expenses, record earnings, save addresses of different digital wallets, execute payments, and do many more things related to the management of personal finances.

Applications for lending

Our specialists have many years of experience in loan mobile app development, through which lending services can be provided in compliance with all the above-mentioned cyber-security and regulatory requirements.

What Issues Do We Offer to Resolve for Fintech?

The request for financial assistance provided online is consequently growing. People want to execute money operations through user-friendly mobile apps that don’t require involvement and personal interaction with other specialists. Thanks to technological advancements in the FinTech industry, this isn’t a big issue in the 21st century.

FinTech is about complete digitalization in the financial industry, which makes the lives of businesses and individuals easier and more productive. As a FinTech app development company, we are heavily engaged in this trend. We help companies and institutions implement cutting-edge digital technologies into their operation in order to help them stay more customer-oriented and win the tough competition.

Mobile application development for banking or other financial services is a complex process. It requires consideration of clients’ needs and compliance with cybersecurity standards. Alongside this, our development company strives to make sure that our FinTech software solutions won’t violate regulatory requirements. We do guarantee 100% professionalism and quality of FinTech software built on Flutter!

Basic Requirements for FinTech Solutions

Data governance

Foremost, every provider of a banking solution has to ensure that the users’ data will be processed safely. The safety of private data is regulated by specific laws worldwide. The app has to comply with the data governance laws of the jurisdiction where its services are available.

KYC compliance

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer”. This administrative requirement is mandatory for all companies that deal with the finances of their clients. Compliance with this requirement is relevant for banking institutions. The KYC procedures are intended to verify users of the system and identify whether they are safe. This helps to keep fraudulent elements away from the system and access to funds of other users. This is how illegal money laundering activities can be prevented.

FTC compliance

The requirements of the Federal Trade Commission regulate the activity even of those institutions that are beyond the industry of financial services. Thus, its requirements must be followed by any provider that deals with financial operations, no matter whether it’s a banking service or an average online store with an in-built payment system.

Cybersecurity requirements

These requirements are especially relevant for small financial startups that can skip some of the above-mentioned requirements due to their business peculiarities. However, their small sizes don’t mean hackers won’t try to access the funds of their clients. That’s why we suggest such startups consider using our state-of-the-art FinTech app security solutions.

PCI DSS compliance

If your application will deal with credit card payments, compliance with PCI DSS requirements is mandatory for your FinTech solution. They regulate the digital environment within which credit card payments of users will take place.

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Our Fintech Mobile Application Creation Stages

Our company takes 5 steps for cross-platform mobile application development.

mobile app development process

Conceptualization and planning

Once you come up with an idea for your financial digital program, provide your requirements to your FinTech development firm. Our specialists will handle the rest!


FinTech app design is a crucial feature impacting the way users will perceive the solution. After you provide us with your requirements, we will create a prototype of the design for your project.

When the prototype and the design are approved by a customer, the actual financial mobile app development starts. We implement the necessary instruments and create the final version of the application.

Testing and quality assurance

An integral part of the development process is testing, which will allow timely detection and elimination of inconsistencies. To do this, our team conducts manual testing, automatic testing, etc.


At this point, when the work is over, it’s time for the app to see the world. We guarantee a smooth release process after which your clients can start using the app with no further adjustments.

Maintenance and support

Our dedication to excellence goes beyond just developing and launching your app. Our team provides maintenance and support, making sure bugs are dealt with efficiently and your application functions perfectly. We focus on delivering regular updates to keep your app in line with current technological innovations and user preferences.

Our Solutions

Our experts specialize in cross-platform development using Flutter. This is one of the most efficient tools that help to improve the process. Mobile app creation based on Flutter-cross platform development makes the financial solution available for all users, no matter which operating system they prefer. Our fintech app development firm’s expertise in Flutter ensures an intuitive user experience for clients and a unified codebase for the app maintenance team.

Our Technologies

How We Differ From Competitors

Many development companies claim to be professionals in everything. Clients fall for such offers because they believe such a team can build a distinct app. Indeed, true specialists know how to do their job well but they cannot be experts in everything.

  • We offer complete expertise in one specific technology – Flutter cross-platform development.
  • We increase the diversity of our development services when having enough experience in a specific niche.
  • We keep up with the strictest deadlines.
  • We provide numerous quality assurance procedures to guarantee that the final version of a product has a native and intuitive design and complies with all regulatory and cybersecurity requirements.

Our Extremely Honest FAQ

Cross-platform app for FinTech is more budget-friendly because you don’t need to hire different developers to create apps separately for Android and iOS. Contact us to discuss the details of your project.
Costs and terms of the project realization depend on the peculiarities and sizes of the project. Normally, it takes us 3 months or more to deliver a FinTech app. Fill out the form and we will estimate your project.
A basic FinTech mobile program should have payment processing, money storage, data protection, and user verification features.
Mobile applications for FinTech help users process payments quickly and more conveniently using their smartphones.
Pay attention to the track record and expertise of the FinTech app development firm. Consider the positive cases and also take into account prices and terms of the product delivery.

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