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Our team has been acquiring a valuable experience in retail solution development for quite a long time. Here we have the services we can generate by combining skills, technologies, and knowledge.

Applications for online stores

To create a mobile app for an online store is the most frequent order our team receives in the niche of eCommerce. We deal with it by developing responsive cross-platform solutions with the implementation of secure payment gateways, convenient listings, adjustable catalogs, and unique designs.

B2B solutions

Boost the operational efficiency of your business by ordering our B2B eCommerce app development services. They will help you to keep in touch with suppliers and distributors of goods and manage your cooperative relationships in a much better way.

Store administration app

Manage your store more efficiently by tracking real-time data analytics accumulated by a sophisticated store administration application. Improve the engagement of employees and ensure their performances are more productive by delivering updates to work schedules, instructions, and more in a convenient form.

Warehouse and inventory applications

Retail app development isn’t only about listing products. Using Flutter capabilities, our team can develop a digital solution that will provide you with online remote access to a warehouse with your inventory. Manage all goods and monitor supplies in real time.

Delivery applications

Modern customers need solutions where they may not just compare products but also order additional services. Delivery is one of the most requested services among clients of retail businesses. Enable them to track their orders and increase their loyalty and commitment to your business.

What Issues Do We Offer to Resolve for Retail Business?

Aiming to boost the efficiency and sales of your retail business? Consider facilitating the use of digital solutions. We don’t want you to wear pink glasses — focus on mobile eCommerce app development services that solve specific issues, not just promises to generate impressive returns. This is what our team can provide to you, using the capabilities of the Flutter framework!

Positive customer experience is the priority concern for every retail business. You will generate more sales only if your clients will see that your company is capable of satisfying their needs. Convenience is just one of them, which might be easily covered thanks to mobile commerce app development using Flutter technology. Our approach guarantees that your enterprise will be able to reach wide audiences and provide them with positive experiences, regardless of the software systems they prefer.

Our eCommerce application development company also offers you to resolve the popular issue of inventory management. With our cross-platform software solutions, you will be able to keep track of all the inventory and goods in real-time, which will help to increase the efficiency of many operations and save plenty of valuable resources.

Basic Requirements for ECommerce Solutions

Friendly UI

Whether you are going to use a mobile app for an online store or for inventory management, it’s necessary to ensure the solution has a user-friendly interface design. Cross-platform development on Flutter is one of the ways to ensure the intuitive design of the solution on all devices.


To communicate with more clients, it’s necessary to offer a mobile app compatible with all gadgets. This way you will preserve the presence of your business within easy reach of different groups of customers. Our firm doesn’t know the technology that can offer better compatibility than cross-platform.

Security and privacy

The app reflects your business in the eyes of customers. If it isn’t capable of securing their privacy, sensitive data, and funds, your retail business will lose its reputation in the blink of an eye.

Efficient support

A company that aims to be loved by its customers should develop an efficient customer support system, which will be used by buyers to resolve the most urgent issues quickly. Our mobile apps development for retail ensures proper operation of the system’s part that will deal with technical issues resolution and general maintenance.

Order tracking

This basic feature of modern eCommerce solutions will help to kill two birds with one stone: enhance customers’ impressions with the assistance of a convenient tool and ensure proper operations within the business ecosystem itself.

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Our Retail Mobile App Creation Stages

Our company takes 5 steps for cross-platform mobile application development.

mobile app development process

Analysis idea

Your idea is one of the most valuable parts of any development process. Explain all the requirements of your retail business to us, and our firm will try to analyze everything to build an efficient solution using Flutter’s cross-platform development capabilities.

Design & development

UI and UX of an eCommerce application are the features that have the biggest impact on the positive customer experience.

Once we finish with the design, we start the mobile shopping app development with the implementation of such features as product catalogs, payment gateways, online chat, etc. We use cross-platform tools, thanks to which all features of the app will be compatible with different devices.

Testing and QA

We are combining different testing techniques and ensuring that every part of the app is covered and examined. Our comprehensive approach minimizes the risk of sudden issues and brings customer satisfaction and a smoother user experience.

Deployment and launch

After testing the quality of the online shopping app development stage, we make your digital solution available to a wide audience. The capabilities of cross-platform development help our team to ensure that after the launch the app becomes available on all the required resources.

Maintenance & support

Users of the eCommerce app might face technical issues, which will be quickly resolved by our team. New updates to the app will be smoothly integrated whenever your retail business needs it.

Our Solutions

We can create a shopping app of high quality but we never claim that we deal with everything. No, the principle of our team is that specialization in a certain niche makes things more professional. This is why we focus merely on cross-platform app development using the capabilities of the Flutter framework. Our specialists have vast expertise in it and they know how this technology can help your idea of a perfect eCommerce app come true.

Our Technologies

How We Differ From Competitors

  • DreamBit focuses on Flutter-cross-platform application development.
  • DreamBit provides professional support and maintenance services after the end of the development process.
  • DreamBit follows all clients’ terms.
  • DreamBit focuses on the quality of final products.

Our Extremely Honest FAQ

Cross-platform eCommerce application creation deprives businesses of the necessity to hire different specialists if they need to develop native solutions for Android and iOS. Cross-platform development ensures compatibility of the product with all software systems.
Costs and terms of the project realization depend on the peculiarities and sizes of the project. Normally, it takes us up to 4 months to deliver an eCommerce app.
An eCommerce mobile application should have a secure payment gateway, convenient listings, a system of customer support, order-tracking, and an easy-to-navigate catalog of products
Retail applications help businesses to make their customers and employees more engaged and improve the efficiency of the operational relationships with suppliers and other partners.
Examine how many positive cases the development company has in your niche. Compare prices and see whether the team has enough expertise to deal with all your requirements.

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