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With the introduction of digital technologies, it has become far easier to access general health information and monitor this information. This is basically what healthcare app development services were created for. Their major purpose is to increase the efficiency of the healthcare process with the help of advanced digital solutions based on cross-platform development.

Software development in the medical field might be oriented for different purposes. We aren’t going to claim that our cross-platform healthcare app development firm can satisfy all of them at once. We prefer to specialize in particular technologies because this ensures that the highest quality will be met. In the case of the medical industry, we apply the Flutter framework to build such products as:

Patient applications

Applications for patients are developed to provide them with a convenient possibility to track their basic health conditions. The medical app development process can be integrated with the use of real objects such as fitness tracking bracelets, or apps can perform this function on their own. This will help patients to monitor their conditions and be aware of them all the time.

Also, patient applications can be used for more casual purposes. For instance, fitness trackers are often used to record one’s progress in sports, which is also a very important part of healthcare.

Applications for doctors

As a rule, applications for doctors include more functionality than solutions for apps. This is because doctors need not only to track important data and see how it changes over time but also to have the necessary tools to provide a remote diagnosis. Our health app development services guarantee that doctors will have access to all the necessary features to deal with their duties in the most convenient way.

Clinic applications

Hospital mobile app development isn’t only about the creation of basic solutions that help track and monitor vital data. Our development team builds software solutions that help clinics deal with other purposes. For example, we can create a digital system of data storage. Or we can develop billing software that will help a clinic to manage all the financial information. Such advancements make things more automatic and less time-consuming, which gradually increases efficiency.

What Issues Do We Offer to Resolve for Healthcare?

Healthcare mobile solutions are created to deal with information more efficiently. Our development company builds digital products that have enough capabilities to provide easy and protected access to medical information. This way, it will be more convenient for patients to learn about their diagnosis and possible treatment option.

One more issue our healthcare app development company can resolve for you is the interaction between doctors and patients. Using healthcare apps, doctors can consult their clients remotely from any corner of the world. The resolution of this issue saves a lot of valuable time for both parties in the consultation process.

Last but the least, we suggest that patients should take an active part in their treatment process. With special digital products, they will have the possibility to learn about their general health conditions without the involvement of professionals. This will help them to save a lot of resources.

Basic Requirements for Healthcare Applications

Safety of data

Healthcare mobile apps for patients contain a lot of sensitive information. The most important thing for our development firm is to ensure that this information will not leak anywhere. We implement digital safety measures that prevent our solutions from unauthorized access.

Intuitive interface

A healthcare solution is supposed to make things easier but not more complex. That’s why assurance of an intuitive interface is one of the major concerns for our medical app developers. We achieve this by building solutions on the cross-platform framework known as Flutter, which was designed to enable the development of apps that are able to integrate with the native features of any operating system.

Compliance with regulatory standards

Foremost, healthcare services, regardless of the forms in which they are provided, must meet specific quality standards. They are imposed by different institutions such as HIPAA, GDPR, FDA, and others. Our duty is to make sure that all guidelines are met.

Integration with healthcare systems

Existing healthcare systems store a lot of accurate data about patients. That is why the integration of a cross-platform medical solution is one of the ways to ensure the efficiency of a digital product.

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Our Healthcare App Development Stages

Our company takes 5 steps for cross-platform mobile application development.

mobile app development process

Planning the Healthcare App Project

First of all, we need to have a well-structured plan for the health app development process. For that, we need to receive all the information regarding your wishes for its looks and core functions.

Design & Development

Then, our team deals with the UI/UX design. This is the process where we determine the usability of the app’s interface. It’s an essential stage, at which we try to take the most of the capabilities of the cross-platform Flutter framework.

The mobile health app development itself is about the coding of the backend and frontend. At this point, we build up the functionality of the digital product and provide its integration with IoT systems if necessary.

Quality Testing

Quality testing is one of the most important stages of medical mobile application development. Our team performs its best to make sure that no data leakage will be ever possible. We test whether the cross-platform solution is smoothly integrated with the native features of different operating systems.


In the end, we launch the final version of the product, which meets all the regulatory and security standards. Our cross-platform approach ensures that the solution will be available on both Google Play Market and iOS App Store.

Maintenance and support

With expertise in mobile app development, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality even after your app’s initial launch. Our adept team focuses on providing comprehensive maintenance and support, guaranteeing smooth performance and prompt bug fixes. Additionally, we place great importance on frequent updates, keeping your app current with cutting-edge technology, and evolving user needs.

Our Healthcare Mobile Application Development Solutions

DreamBit has never been claiming that we are somewhat universal in terms of development. It’s simply impossible to be masters in all the development technologies and techniques. Nevertheless, we ensure that our products are universal in a different way.

We specialize in cross-platform development based on the Flutter framework. Flutter is one of the best cross-platform tools. Thanks to this, our team can provide smooth integration of your digital product with all the necessary features of different platforms and operating systems.

Our Technologies

How We Differ From Competitors in Healthcare App Development

  • Our team has a well-defined niche of specialization — cross-platform app development on Flutter.
  • Our development services include professional support and maintenance services.
  • We deliver ready-made digital products within pre-determined deadlines.
  • We pay specific attention to quality assurance procedures.

Our Extremely Honest FAQ for Healthcare App Development

If you develop a native app, you need to hire two different teams that will work on different platforms, whilst cross-platform technology enables the involvement of only one team of developers.
The prices and terms are determined by the complexity and scale of your project. Usually, it takes up to several months. The use of Flutter technology helps to save time and deal with the development faster.
The healthcare mobile application should include an efficient security system, recording and tracking tools, communication features, and instruments that give access to the medical register.
Mobile applications for healthcare help to record, track, store, and exchange medical information more efficiently.
Before contacting a project manager of the firm, study its successful cases in the healthcare niche. If you like the results of the work, contact the managers and learn about their prices and deadlines. Specialization of the team is also a priority characteristic.

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