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In recent years, e-learning has become not just an extra tool but a necessity. That’s why the demand for eLearning app development services is gradually growing. Our development team can professionally cover this demand with the use of the Flutter cross-platform development technology.

Every member of our e-learning mobile app development firm is convinced that true professionalism is about deep specialization in certain niches. That’s why we don’t claim to be the best developer in every possible segment of digital products. We just know what we can do best using Flutter cross-platform development framework.

Applications for children

Modern children should use modern tools to study. Our team builds efficient educational applications for children in a form of gamification and interesting online tutorials. Such solutions increase the engagement of the youngest learners and make them curious about the general process. 

Moreover, gamification solutions for learning ensure that the rewards for reinforcement are more interactive. Thanks to this, kids don’t lose their interest and engagement to keep studying.

Questionnaire applications

These solutions can be integrated into your Learning Management System in order to gather feedback from course participants. This is a very useful application that makes evaluation and assessment more efficient.

Except for e-learning, questionnaire applications are very frequently used in sociology. This is one of the most efficient ways to gather multiple data from different groups of people, in order to draw well-though-out conclusions based on this.

Applications for students

In our e-learning app development company, we apply the cross-platform development approach based on Flutter so as to ensure the integration of all the necessary tools for students. Our applications for students feature discussion forms, analytics charts, content tables, and many other tools that help older learners personalize learning programs in accordance with their personal preferences and the availability of resources.

Applications for teachers and schools

We build custom management systems for educational institutions. This way, every school can ensure that all its learners and teachers have a convenient digital space for efficient interaction during the learning process.

Using the capabilities of our learning management systems, teachers can create unique programs and upload any type of educational materials they find useful. Also, they gain access to convenient assessment and recording tools that help to track all the data related to learners’ performance.

What Issues Do We Offer to Resolve for E-learning?

Our development team focuses on the LMS development service. LMS stands for a Learning Management System, which is designed to enhance the efficiency of learning and training programs delivered online. One of the issues LMS solutions help to solve is the accessibility of education, as materials are available online for all enrolled users regardless of their places of residence and time zone.

Our experienced LMS development company can also help to solve the issue of poor engagement. Modern digital tools integrated into e-learning applications help to make use of different multimedia features. Younger learners can enjoy programs that are delivered in a game form, which will make this not only useful but entertaining as well.

Thanks to the fact that our team specialized in the Flutter cross-platform development framework, we can ensure complete personalization of the e-learning app. What’s more, our approach solves the issue of scalability since the cross-platform development framework is flexible enough to support a bigger number of learning programs, materials, techniques, etc.

Basic Requirements for LMS Solutions

Efficient content management tool

When providing our learning management system development service, we make sure to build a convenient content management tool. It’s a necessary feature for any LMS as it enables teachers to upload different materials. We make sure that our content management tool can support all types of learning materials – from basic pictures to complex quizzes.

User management system

A learning management system needs to have this feature in order to enable teachers with the possibility to assign different tasks to users, manage their rights, monitor their performance, and more. This feature helps to make the interaction better structured.

Tracking feature

A good learning management system should have an efficient tool that is able to monitor and record different metrics. This ensures that the progress of learners will be properly assessed in accordance with their performance,

Communications tools

Collaboration is a very important part of the efficient learning process. It’s provided through such communication tools as discussion forms, live chats, direct messages, etc.

Analytics and reporting

A learning management system should have features that enable learning administrators to analyze the performance of learners more conveniently. Such data are very important for proper assessment of the progress and mistake resolution procedures.

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Our E-learning Mobile App Development Stages

Our company takes 5 steps for cross-platform mobile application development.

mobile app development process


Reveal to our educational app development team all your requirements for the solution. Explain what type of learning management system you want to get, considering the potential target audience, learning resources, and purposes. Our project managers will study everything to devise an efficient plan for the further development process. 

Design & Development

At this stage, our specialists build efficient UI and UX designs. Using cross-platform development techniques, they will make sure that the final design will be engaging and intuitive for all devices, regardless of their operating systems.

When the project gets to the stage of learning software development, our specialists start coding the backend and frontend of the solution. The key thing here is to ensure proper integration of all the requested features and support of third-party resources.

Quality testing

Our team takes several quality assurance procedures in order to identify potential bugs and exclude them completely. We conduct different types of testing to ensure that the database, tracking tools, security measures, user management solutions, and so on all perform properly.


Finally, we make your e-learning application accessible to its target audience. In order to ensure this audience, we apply cross-platform development techniques, which make the final version of the solution accessible for all mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android.

Maintenance and support

Specializing in mobile app development, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service beyond your app’s initial release. Our proficient team is committed to offering extensive maintenance and support, guaranteeing smooth operation and swift bug resolution.

By placing your app’s post-launch management in our reliable hands, you can be confident that your users will appreciate a flawless, efficient, and intuitive experience, giving you the freedom to concentrate on growing your business in a highly competitive digital environment.

Our Solutions

Our e-learning app development team has prioritized cross-platform development. To be more specific, we use the Flutter framework. This is one of the most efficient solutions for cross-platform development. Thanks to Flutter, our digital products are intuitive on different operating systems. 

This technology also helps to ensure the scalability of all our projects, as Flutter-based solutions are very flexible and easy to upgrade. This approach helps our clients save valuable resources they would normally spend to hire developers who specialize in different platforms.

Our Technologies

How We Differ From Competitors

  1. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions — we focus on cross-platform app development using Flutter.
  2. After the deployment process, our team stays with your project to support and upgrade it if necessary.
  3. We deliver ready-made digital products within pre-determined deadlines.
  4. Our specialists take multiple quality assurance testing sessions to identify all vulnerabilities and fix them before the deployment.

Our Extremely Honest FAQ

A cross-platform e-learning application is a less resource-consuming project. A cross-platform product will be compatible with different platforms but will require only one development team. Contact us to find out how we can implement your project.
The cost of e-learning development depends on the size of the project and its specific features. The same is applied to the terms. Normally, we need up to 3 months to develop a basic LMS and up to 12 months to build an advanced product. To learn more, fill out the form and we will contact you.
The e-learning mobile application should include such features as content and user management systems, tracking, reporting, and communication tools.
Mobile applications for e-learning make learning and training programs more accessible. They also increase engagement and improve the collaboration between teachers and learners.
Before contacting a project manager of the firm, study its successful cases in the e-learning niche. If you like the results of the work, contact the managers and learn about their prices and deadlines. Specialization of the team is also a priority characteristic.

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