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You can find a lot of development teams offering “all-in-one solutions”. While there are distinct competitors in the mobile app development niche, we know focusing on multiple unrelated tasks compromises quality. We believe that specialization is key to delivering top-quality products. That’s why we narrowed down our specialization to cross-platform technologies.

Using cross-platform app development solutions, we can build products that function efficiently on all gadgets regardless of their technical peculiarities. This helps us to ensure businesses that they will be able to reach the audience of all smartphone users.

Our developers have advanced expertise in iOS and Android cross-platform development based on Flutter. This is one of the most robust multi-platform systems currently used in the market. We effectively use this tool to fully meet client demands with complete compliance, ensuring quick and efficient delivery.

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Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile Applications for Your Business

Faster time-to-market

Cross-platform mobile app development takes less time and can deliver the product to the market faster. The thing is that only one team is involved and there’s no need to wait until others finish their job on other platforms.

Consistent user experience

Mobile cross-platform development makes you sure that users will have the same consistent experience no matter what platforms they prefer. A single codebase will make the user experience more engaging and immersive.

Easy maintenance

Multi-platform solutions are based on a single codebase, meaning it will take less time and resources to introduce certain improvements and generally maintain the solution.

Wider reach

With multi-platform solutions, you don’t need to target only one specific audience – your business gets a wide reach of both iOS and Android users. Explore new markets and discover more opportunities with cross-platform app development.


You don’t need to hire different developers to update codebases on different platforms as a cross-platform app will work on a single codebase that might be updated and scaled by one team of specialists.

Improved performance

Users of cross-platform solutions enjoy improved performance of apps because they are perfectly optimized for the native features of different platforms.

Our staff is engaged in the creation and deployment of cross-platform mobile apps for businesses competing in different niches. Learn more about the robust tools we apply, the terms, and the quality of our cross-platform app development services.

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Cross-platform app development

DreamBit is cross-platform app development company specializing in the creation of mobile apps for various industries in the US and other countries. We prioritize understanding all demands and requests about project purpose, functionality, and marketing specifics. Explore types of mobile applications our cross-platform app development company can deliver to businesses.

iOS apps

Apple is one of the most successful providers of mobile gadgets. iPhone is the mainstream product because of its advanced functional features and user-friendly interface. If you orient your products and services to iPhone users, your business should have a unique program for iOS devices.

Considering the fact, that over 1.2 billion people use iPhones, this venture can be quite successful and profitable for your business. Using robust technologies, our specialists develop mobile apps for all platforms, including iOS-based apps that can integrate robust features of this operating system. We also do our best to comply with cybersecurity requirements, to ensure the app could pass the App Store security check.

Android apps

Android is more popular among average smartphone owners compared to iOS. This is because this OS is employed by multiple smartphone manufacturers, not only by Apple. Thus, the development of smartphone apps based on this open-source system is a must for businesses aiming to remain competitive in their industries.
The creation of cross-platform projects for Android enables us to integrate a very user-friendly interface and improve user experience. Thanks to the resilience and flexibility of the Android system, our specialists can boost the customizability of your app to the maximum possible extent.

Web apps

The popularity of web solutions among companies is increasing. Since this is a cross-platform solution, the web app will use the same code as its Android or iOS counterparts. Moreover, web apps, launched through web browsers, can be more user-friendly, and accessible on any operating system.

What Are the Stages of App Development?

Our mobile app development firm takes 5 steps for cross-platform phone application development.

mobile app development process

Conceptualization and planning

Foremost, we need to ensure that we clearly understand your project and realize which goals your business strives to achieve using the app. We need to evaluate your requirements and create detailed documentation of the project that will include such important conditions as tools, budgets, and deadlines.


This is the stage when a lot of actual work with digital tools should be done. Our team specializes in the Flutter framework. The development process is lasting and complex as it consists of several important sub-stages:

  • Integration of design elements into the app using Flutter framework.
  • Development of the app’s core features and functionality.
  • Implementation of necessary API integrations for the app to function.
  • Testing and debugging of the app to ensure its correct functioning.

Testing and quality assurance

Once the development process is over, we need to check whether the version of the product corresponds to your expectations and vital technical characteristics. Our specialists will conduct manual testing, automated testing, and performance testing.


After this stage is over, the digital product becomes available through app stores such as Google Play Market and Appstore.

Maintenance and support

Once the solution is introduced to the clients, we make sure that it functions appropriately by providing our maintenance services. We do set up monitors such ass AppSpector, Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, and others to catch all the potential issues.

Why You Should Cooperate With Our Mobile App Development Company

Attention to all the requirements

We won’t omit any requirements stated in the technical assignment of your project.

Specialization in mobile cross-platform app development

We offer quite narrowed-down services of cross-platform mobile app development, which guarantees our complete expertise in this niche.

Agile methodology

Our developers are always ready to consider new requirements and get beyond the technical assignment if it’s necessary to make the final version of a product better.

Quality assurance and transparency

None of the mobile solutions we develop is launched without this procedure. Our team is completely transparent to all customers, regardless of the sizes of their projects and their budgets.

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Our Extremely Honest FAQ

It is up to the size of the product and its technical peculiarities. As a rule, cross-platform mobile application development services are rated from $20,000 to $60,000. However, the cost of each project is individual. Write to us for a more detailed estimate.
Normally, we can deliver the final version of the cross-platform mobile app in at least 3 months. For a more detailed calculation, fill out the feedback form.
Cross-platform application development helps businesses to reach wider audiences of potential users. Also, development for multiple operating systems saves costs.
DreamBit is an experienced team of developers with specialized expertise in cross-platform app development based on Flutter technology.

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