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Mobile App Development

Project Goal

The main goal of the H-Surveys project was to develop a mobile application that can be used to conduct anonymous surveys for the validation and research of health products. The team aimed to create a platform that would provide higher data reliability for customers, and at the same time, be comfortable for the respondents. The H-surveys app was expected to address the limitations of web-based surveys and provide an easy-to-use platform for both researchers and respondents.

The H-Surveys project aimed to offer a solution that would enable health researchers to collect more reliable data by leveraging the increasing penetration of mobile devices globally. H-Surveys is built using a cross-platform framework Flutter, so it runs on both iOS and Android devices.

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Secure management

One of the primary challenges was ensuring the protection of access to the respondent’s account. The team had to implement measures to prevent unauthorized access, including two-factor authentication, biometric authentication, and secure storage of sensitive user privacy data.

Effective user interface

The team had to ensure that the survey interface was user-friendly, easy to navigate, and could accommodate different types of survey questions. The team had to develop a user interface that would ensure high response rates and a good user experience.

Fast application speed

The app was expected to be responsive and fast, even when processing large amounts of data. The team had to optimize the app’s performance, including the use of caching, background processing, and other techniques.

Data processing

Other challenges included making it easy to add new surveys without involving a technical team, obtaining survey results in a convenient format, and processing large amounts of data.


The project team prioritized data security and implemented several features to ensure it. The application can only be accessed with a pin code or fingerprint, and the app is designed to prevent screenshots and lock the screen after prolonged inactivity.

To ensure a positive user experience, the survey interface was designed with great care. A progress line was included to indicate where respondents are in the survey and how many questions are left. The UX/UI design of the survey pages was meticulously crafted to ensure ease of use and small details were verified to ensure users can easily navigate the pages without having to remap to take the next action, whether it be selecting an answer or moving to the next question.

Overall, H-Surveys is an innovative project that provides a unique platform for conducting anonymous surveys to validate and research health products. The app’s secure data management, easy-to-use survey interface, and fast speed make it a valuable tool for both researchers and respondents.

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