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Mobile Application Development

Project Goal

Our team was tasked with developing an all-encompassing podcast application, Ever.fm, that would offer users the convenience of listening to a vast range of podcasts while providing an engaging community platform for discussions.


To design a user-friendly application that caters to the needs of podcast enthusiasts in an already saturated market, our team conducted a thorough market analysis. We identified a set of features that would satisfy users and set our app apart from the competition.

Upon signing in, users are prompted to select their favorite podcast authors, allowing our smart recommendation system to suggest similar content creators based on their preferences. The most popular and talked-about podcasts are showcased in a dedicated section, making it easy for users to discover trending content.

In cases where users cannot find a specific podcast within the app, we provide the option to import content from other platforms, with Spotify integration currently in progress. Our application allows users to create a queue for their podcasts, offering seamless management of their listening experience.

We have implemented a download functionality, enabling users to save their favorite episodes for offline listening and share them on popular social media platforms. During playback, users can engage in discussions about specific podcast segments and express their reactions using a variety of emoticons. Speech recognition technology has been incorporated, giving users the option to read podcast transcripts in addition to listening.

To further enhance the user experience, it is possible to control the audio player directly from the smartphone’s main screen or notification tray, making Ever.fm a comprehensive and engaging podcast platform.

Key Features

Intelligent content recommendation system

We designed an advanced algorithm that analyzes users’ preferences, listening history, and ratings to generate personalized content recommendations, ensuring a tailored listening experience for each user.

Advanced search and filtering options

To help users easily find their desired content, we introduced an advanced search feature with various filtering options, such as genre, author, popularity, and release date, ensuring a smooth and efficient content discovery process.

Personalized push notifications

We implemented a system that sends personalized push notifications to users, alerting them to new episodes from their favorite authors or trending podcasts within their preferred genres.

Offline mode and data usage controls

To accommodate users with limited internet access or data plans, we added an offline mode that allows users to download episodes for offline listening. Additionally, we included data usage controls, enabling users to limit the app’s data consumption while streaming podcasts.

Additional Features

Podcast bookmarks and highlights

We implemented a bookmarking system that allows users to save specific timestamps in podcasts, making it easy for them to revisit their favorite segments or highlights. This feature also enables users to share these highlights with friends or within the community, promoting discussion and engagement.

In-app podcast ratings and reviews

We integrated a rating and review system within the app, allowing users to provide feedback on podcasts and episodes. This helps others discover high-quality content while also contributing to the intelligent recommendation system by offering additional data points for personalized suggestions.

In-app community and social features

We designed an in-app community platform that encourages users to interact with each other, exchange recommendations, and participate in discussions related to their favorite podcasts. This feature fosters a sense of community and enhances the overall user experience.

Importing podcasts from external platforms

We integrated functionality to import podcasts from various platforms, with Spotify integration currently under development. This feature allows users to consolidate all their favorite content within the Ever.fm app.

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